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Heuer Dialog – Your network specialist in Real Estate

The real estate industry accounts for billions in transactions each year. Naturally, from that results a considerable responsability in supporting the society as well as significant challenges on the (inter)national sphere. No one, neither industry nor public administration, can tackle todays relevant tasks in our cities and regions on their own. As it is our shared goal to work towards a strong and resilient climate and to promote social justice and togetherness in our communities, the industry and public administration are natural allies. At Heuer Dialog it is our passion to build bridges and bring together stakeholders in order to find a producitve common ground between the interests and convictions of decisions-makers in the economic, scientific and political sphere, as well as to strengthen the voice of society. Promoting young professionals is an essential part of this companies DNA.

Leading the market since 1980

We have been leading the market for networking through events and Business Matching since 1980. We provide access to all disciplines concerning the current questions on the future of our cities and the world of real estate. Each year we offer around 50 conferences with physical presence, hybrid and also entirely digitalised all around the topic of sustainable city and real estate development. It is our daily business to build networks with strong potential, creativity, power and capital, which support and enable decision-makers to secure the future of cities, regions and ther companies.

As initiator and moderator Heuer Dialog brings together smart minds, who excel in the fields of architecture, building, construction, ecology, economy, sociology, technology and legal matters and enables their personal exchange. In the context of our events during the past four decades over 100.000 professionals participated and listened in on the presentations, panel debates and impulses, which were and still are also the foundation of new movements and companies.

In cooperation with our affiliate the Immobilien Zeitung and the dfv Mediengruppe, who encompasses more than 100 specialist magazines, Heuer Dialog is the competence center for all events with a connection to the real estate world.

Heuer Dialog brings together leading practitioners in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, environmental science, economics, sociology, and law who interact face to face or exchange information in lectures or panel discussions. Heuer Dialog looks back on four decades and more than 100,000 individuals who came to be inspired for their current issues and future agendas.

Heuer Dialog – A source of innovation for the real estate industry, cities, and regions

Here’s how you can become a partner in the Heuer Dialog Network:

  • Take part in a Dialog Event
  • Plan your future agenda at „QUO VADIS“, our annual convention kicking off the new year.
  • Take advantage of the discounts and other benefits of an Event Subscription for your company. Please feel free to contact us for further information.
  • Learn more about our custom-tailored Dialog-Partnership Models.
  • Planning an event of your own? We will be happy to assist you in conceiving, marketing, and organizing your Customer Event
  • Business Matching: Let us find the right project partner for your company.

With our help, you can establish your company’s agenda "just-in-time", while putting our innovative content to use in acquiring market share, market presence, and partners for the future! At Heuer Dialog, "networking" means working together to shape a successful future for your company as well as for our cities and regions.