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Heuer Dialog – The Market Leader for Networking in the Real Estate Industry

The real estate sector accounts for billions in economic activity each year. And all of this is closely tied to weighty social issues that entail significant challenges, often with international implications as well. No single industry and no municipality will be able to understand, and come to terms with, every aspect of today’s growing trend towards urbanization, certainly not on its own. This is where Heuer Dialog comes in: With diverse activities on a range of levels, the conference fosters productive two-way communication among local governments and the sectors of business, governmental administration, and academia.

Market leader for more than 40 years

As a leading provider of networking services in the form of events and business matching, Heuer Dialog has been enabling real estate professionals for more than forty years now to interface with the various disciplines that focus on issues key to the future of urban planning and real estate development. Thus, Heuer Dialog’s innovative and interdisciplinary forums on sustainable urban planning, real estate development, and building design ultimately bring forth networks with the strength, creativity, and capital required to make a positive impact on the future of cities, regions, and local business. In the process, Heuer Dialog plays the facilitating role of initiator and moderator.

Part of dfv Mediengruppe

Assisted by dfv Mediengruppe, a media conglomerate boasting more than 100 specialized publications, Heuer Dialog makes a significant contribution towards bringing together those who ultimately make use of buildings and urban environments with those who conceive and create them. The consistent objective in this context is to improve the prevailing competitive conditions both for the respective urban area and the enterprises involved – as well as for the generations of inhabitants to come.

Networking on the highest level

How can the topography of cities and real estate markets be steered in a progressive direction? Over its forty years of corporate history, the Bernd Heuer Group has fostered numerous debates in this regard. These in turn have generated a raft of projects with associated ideas and initiatives. That each of these projects was dedicated to a different mission is hardly surprising, given that every market is made of up a wide diversity of individual players.

Heuer Dialog brings together leading practitioners in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, environmental science, economics, sociology, and law who interact face to face or exchange information in lectures or panel discussions. Heuer Dialog looks back on four decades and more than 100,000 individuals who came to be inspired for their current issues and future agendas.

The various formats of our Heuer Dialog events began as temporary organizations in a learning phase that went on to grow into transfer networks producing not only innovative solutions, but also long-term business contacts and relationships.

For more information on the Bernd Heuer Group’s 40-year anniversary, please navigate to our Anniversary Homepage.

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Heuer Dialog – A source of innovation for the real estate industry, cities, and regions

Here’s how you can become a partner in the Heuer Dialog Network:

  • Take part in a Dialog Event
  • Plan your future agenda at „QUO VADIS“, our annual convention kicking off the new year.
  • Take advantage of the discounts and other benefits of an Event Subscription for your company. Please feel free to contact us for further information.
  • Learn more about our custom-tailored Dialog-Partnership Models.
  • Planning an event of your own? We will be happy to assist you in conceiving, marketing, and organizing your Customer Event
  • Business Matching: Let us find the right project partner for your company.

With our help, you can establish your company’s agenda "just-in-time", while putting our innovative content to use in acquiring market share, market presence, and partners for the future! At Heuer Dialog, "networking" means working together to shape a successful future for your company as well as for our cities and regions.